Summary of Role

The Sales Support role will help the department in delivering an exceptionally high level of service to all prospective and current customers. They will be responsible for the generating and organizing of all sales activity and documentation including proposals, license agreements, pricing lists, marketing and promotional materials, and the like. They will assist in handing off and setting up new projects for team members as job agreements are signed, as well as developing and implementing proactive communication strategies that promote customer satisfaction and longterm customer retention.


  • Generate job proposals as requests come in from clients and/or the Jonah Sales team
  • Maintain detailed records of sales activity and sales documentation in various internal applications
  • Set up new projects for team members in all internal tools once signed contract has been received
  • Develop proactive customer retention strategy and institute regular follow-up communication with current customer base
  • Ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases, the process, the communication, and the support they’ve received
  • Answer customer inquiries regarding recent product and service purchases
  • Empathize and acknowledge customers and their needs to create trusted and loyal partnerships
  • Communicate kindly and effectively in order to diffuse tense situations and offer solutions to the customer
  • Develop collaborative working relationships with other sales representatives, agencies, and our clients
  • Collaborate with the Creative and Marketing teams in generating media and collateral materials needed to support the sales process
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