The Top 5 Things that Get You Seen

The Top 5 Things that Get You Seen

Do your websites make you look good? If we were to visit your property websites right now, are you confident they would send the right message, behave as expected, and ultimately perform? The thing is, we’ve seen a lot of property websites that have an ultra-creative design, but don’t have properly integrated floorplans to engage the online shopper. We’ve also seen websites that are solid technologically but are severely lacking in aesthetic appeal.

Do you really have to choose between a website that looks great and a website that works? Not on our watch! At Jonah, we believe you should have a website that is best in class in every way. That’s why we guarantee delivery of these top five non-negotiables with every website:

1. An Award-Winning Design

A world-class design that maintains the integrity of the brand and puts attention into every detail has the power to move a prospect from curious to engaged instantly. Engaged customers are buying customers.

2. Accurate Pricing & Availability Integration

Allowing prospects to shop for apartments with their budget and availability in mind is not just a “bells-and-whistles” feature anymore. Fully integrated floorplans pages are now a staple of every website.

3. SEO Friendly

SEO is to a website as tires are to a car. Would a car salesmen sell you a car with no tires? Then neither should your websites lack proper SEO implementation and be flexible enough to adapt as that target continues to move.

4. Easy to Update

Whether you’re logging into our content management system or you’re contacting our support team, we guarantee a friendly experience that makes updating your website a breeze.

5. Launched on Time

Websites add credibility to your brand, build your SEO value, and help you get the word out. So, we understand that launching on time is critical to helping you reach these goals.


Don’t compromise on these top five things that could give your properties an edge and get you seen. Schedule a demo today!