According to a joint study by Google and, 72% of prospective residents turn to the internet first when starting their apartment search. That number has only increased in recent years. Without a website, your new community isn’t even on their radar. But, as we all know, lease-ups often mean you’re not ready with property images or floorplans. So how can you put your best foot forward, entice prospects, and get those leases rolling in right away?

Jonah has a proven plan to help make lease-ups smoother.

We’ve launched over 2,000 multifamily websites for new and existing communities and we’ve noticed a pattern: the most successful lease-ups follow a 3-phase website approach. It’s the smoothest way to get numbers up quickly. Launching your online presence in phases makes your community look good even before construction is complete (and before you’re ready with final content). It ensures prospects can find your property online and easily fill out contact cards.

Our 3-Phase Website Approach

1. Launch a Property Landing Page

The first thing we do is launch a landing page for your community. This is crucial for that lease-up push as it lets you start receiving leads and gets the domain indexed by search engines right away so you can start garnering SEO equity. Plus, a beautiful Jonah landing page shows off your new community in style with large, high-impact photo areas and a clean, simple design created to help funnel prospects to those all-important CTAs. 

Jonah's Property Landing Pages are fast and easy to get up and running, requiring minimal effort from you and your team, and are integrated with your property management software for receiving guest cards.

2. Launch a Full Site with Renderings

Once your landing page is up and generating leads, we’ll work on building and launching a full site, even if your property photography isn’t ready yet. A full website gives you additional subpages to share more about the community, show units available, and highlight the surrounding attractions. It answers your prospects’ practical questions about pricing, availability, unit mix, amenities, proximity to shopping, and more. In short, it makes your community feel truly established. 

We can launch a full site with renderings, lifestyle photos, and imageless floorplan pages and still give prospective residents a feel for what it will be like to live at your community.

3. Refresh Your Site with Final Photography

Once your community is built and you have great photos and finalized floorplan images, we’ll update your Jonah site with the all-new visuals at no extra cost. Yes, that’s right! As a standard part of your maintenance contract, you get a complimentary full-site photo refresh every year! That means there’s no reason to wait for final photography to get your site live. You can get a full refresh as soon as you’re ready.

We’ve found that, when clients follow this 3-phase approach, their lease-ups are smoother, faster, and more successful. And the best part? We take care of the vast majority of the work for you. You have a lot going on during lease-up. You shouldn’t have to worry about your community websites. After all, that’s what we're here for.

Ready to pave the way for your next lease-up?