Making an immediate impression on your website visitors is obviously important. That’s why Jonah sites all have large, high-impact photo and video areas on the homepage. They give you an opportunity to grab eyes right away.

But sometimes, you have something even more important you need to communicate immediately. Maybe that’s a killer move-in deal or a special event coming up. Sometimes, it’s an urgent message for residents. Maybe it’s a new service you want to be sure everyone knows about. Whatever it is, you need it in front of your prospects as soon as they load the website.

That’s where Jonah’s PopDown comes in. PopDown is essentially a digital billboard for your properties, allowing you to pin specials and announcements to the top of your website. And the best part? It’s schedulable. That’s right. You can plan out all your specials for the year in advance. Just tell the Jonah CMS the exact date and time you want the special to appear, and when you want it to go away (and activate the next one). No more expired specials, and no more setting alarms or staying up until midnight to kill an ad.

And because it’s not a pop-up, it doesn’t trigger pop-up blockers. It’s an integrated, seamless part of your website that looks great.  



PopDown even has different layouts to choose from!


The announcement bar is designed to take up minimal space for succinct and to-the-point announcements, featuring a title, description, and button.


The banner style is typically used for promotions or announcements that require a little more content, and it comes with the ability to feature an image. 

Want to see PopDown in action?