Overcoming Apathetic Leadership

If apathetic is 1 and enthusiastic is 10, where do you see yourself as it relates to your leadership? Be honest. Take a moment and really think about that question. If you have to take a couple of minutes to think about it, no problem… I can wait.

Well? Do you find yourself feeling indifferent or not interested a lot? Maybe your sense of urgency or concern is at an all-time low. On the flip side, maybe you’re leading with a sense of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy! Remember, leadership is not the position you hold, it’s the person you are. Are you a leader that is passionate about the goals and objectives of the organization?

Before we look at the ways to overcome apathy, let’s look at some aspects that can make us apathetic in our leadership:

  1. Information overload - When way too much information is thrown at you at once and you can’t effectively move forward.
  2. Decision fatigue - When we’re faced with making so many small decisions that our ability to make the important decisions suffer.

Both of those can cause your leadership ability to be paralyzed. A good leader, like yourself, does not want to live that way! Let’s be passionate about what we do, why we do it and who we get to work with! Let’s lead with enthusiasm!

One of our core values at Jonah is this: 

Passion - While our drive to be the best motivates us, it’s our passion that sustains us. We believe that surrounding ourselves with passionate people cultivates an infectious ambition to thrive in life and in business. From every life we touch, to every deal we close, passion allows us to shape our successes into positive and meaningful impacts in the world.

(Interested in learning about the rest of them? You can find them HERE.)

How do we overcome being apathetic as a leader?

Consistently expose ourselves to something that creates discomfort.

WHAT?! Why would anyone ever want to do that? Doing this provides the necessary environment for your mindset to shift. It’s like exercising. We all know how important it is, but we don’t like the process. However, we all know the payoff at the end is health. Setting personal development goals are a great way to do this. Some examples can be: read leadership books, listen to podcasts (we recommend this one: The Multifamily Innovation Podcast), or volunteer for a new project that you’ve never done before. Stretch yourself beyond what you think is possible. Become stronger.

Channel your passion. Focus on something and “stay in your lane”.

Rather than making a little difference in multiple places, make a huge impact in a few. At Jonah, we’ve really seen this to be a catalyst for our growth as a team. We’re consistently looking at ways we can support and serve the multifamily industry with one thing - beautifully integrated websites. Due to that channeled passion, we’ve been able to make a huge impact.

Imagine you only have 30 seconds to pick one issue to focus your passion on. What would it be, and what would you do first? What’s keeping you from trying?

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