Jonah Digital Launches Avana Exclusive Theme

Greystar’s Avana Websites Get A New Look


Multiple device screenshots

Jonah Digital is pleased to announce the launch of a redesigned website for Greystar’s Avana brand.

The challenge was to create a website to tell the story of the Avana brand. Design was important. Functionality and content were essential. User experience was critical. And adaptability was crucial. The team set out to develop a website to resonate with the target audience of the Avana brand system…one that would be interpreted as modern and contemporary, elegant, and polished.

The end result is truly a masterpiece. Clean, straight-lined designs combine with gorgeous photography to pull prospects into the website. An imagery mix of lifestyle and site-specific interiors and exteriors initially captures the user, while the use of animation sprinkled throughout the site provides the visual interest to effectively guide the prospect to each page. Ad spaces and descriptive copy strategically grab the user at specific decision points and calls-to-action are prominently displayed as overlays and within the navigation system.  The site’s gallery breaks from the traditional and renders as a photo collage that turns into an enlarged lightbox with captions.

Functionality and user experience were equally important and could not be compromised for the sake of good design and overall aesthetic. Avana’s navigation system is simplified and uses subtle marketing messaging to stimulate interest in each page. Floor Plans feature contemporary 3D styling that can be filtered and searched by unit type. Other features include WalkScore and Google maps integration that automatically populates lifestyle-centric points of interest. Quick links to important information and integration of pricing, online leasing, e-brochure capabilities, as well as resident service options encourage user engagement and prompt action.

Behind the scenes, a robust Content Management System allows for easy site maintenance and enables staff with appropriate user credentials to populate multiple areas of the site with just a few clicks. The responsive design platform enables the site to render on all devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops providing an optimal user experience.

Perhaps the greatest challenge was to build a website environment that could be easily replicated, yet adaptable without sacrificing the integrity of the design characteristics. With the many launches of the Avana website, no two communities look the same. Each successive launch reflects the unique qualities and features of the community, neighborhoods, and resident population the Avana community serves.