How Business is Done: Kindness

Success is measured by what can meaningfully be contributed to the world, not by what can be materialistically amassed for ourselves. This is why the aim should be to enrich every life we connect with by empowering them to grow and realize their greatest potential.

At Jonah, we believe in these core values: integrityfamilyexcellencekindness, and passion. We believe these values should not only inform how we live our lives and steward relationships but ultimately, how we do business.


Every touch point of communication is a vital opportunity to demonstrate your character as individuals and as a company. Kindness should season every one of these interactions. We understand that our strongest resolve is realized when we generously assume the best of every individual and are gracious in every relational exchange. 

  • Show humility because it always wins over proving you're right.
  • Your ability to resolve matters quickly is directly related to how graciously you communicate with others.
  • Being generous in your assumptions of others means always giving the benefit of the doubt.
  • Create a culture of kindness, it naturally curates a team of problem solvers rather than complainers.