How Business is Done: Family

Success is measured by what can meaningfully be contributed to the world, not by what can be materialistically amassed for ourselves. This is why the aim should be to enrich every life we connect with by empowering them to grow and realize their greatest potential.

At Jonah, we believe in these core values: integrityfamilyexcellencekindness, and passion. We believe these values should not only inform how we live our lives and steward relationships but ultimately, how we do business.


The definition of this value is this: A deliberately crafted culture that promotes family in every sense of the word. Commit to protecting the team community by maintaining a careful and consensus-driven hiring process, as well as cultivating a drama-free and ego-free work environments. Your team is at its strongest and most productive when each member is cared for personally and a healthy home life is valued. 

  • Hire the "right fit" before hiring the "right-talent".
  • Encourage open and honest communication that fuels synergism while embracing healthy, drama-free conflict.
  • Believe that a thriving home life promotes a positive and productive work life.
  • Share with your team that community is enriched when we care deeply for each person beyond their professional worth.