Helping You Do More with the PopDown Manager

We want to continually challenge “good enough”; and to go above and beyond in service to our customers. We believe in what you do and we LOVE providing solutions that make it easier for you.

This is one of those solutions!

The PopDown Manager is a digital billboard that pins ads and announcements to the top of your website. It comes with three different layout styles to choose from— announcement bar, banner, and full-sized overlay. The announcement bar is designed to take up minimal space for succinct and to the point announcements, featuring a title, description, and button. The banner style is typically used for promotions or announcements that require a little more content and comes with the ability to feature an image. The full-sized overlay is designed for maximum impact. It will take up the entire browser window with a large callout to "Proceed to Website". It supports a logo, background image, small image, title, description, and a button.

Watch the Overview Video below!