Five Ways To Crush Your Project Goals

Recently, a long-time and valued client of ours, reached out to us and asked for our help. They just acquired a new portfolio and needed all of their websites converted to a brand new, uniquely designed Jonah Digital Agency website. The requested turnaround for the project was approximately 2 months and the number of websites that needed to be launched was 47. Yes, you heard that correctly, 47 websites in two months. Whoa.
We assured them that this project can be done within that timeframe and that the process will be extremely easy for them to manage— we would do the“heavy lifting”. How were we able to be so confident? OUR TEAM IS NOT SUCCESSFUL UNTIL OUR CLIENTS ARE SUCCESSFUL.  

The project started and the two months flew by. We did it! We successfully launched 47 brand new websites in two months! When the project was over, we reviewed why the project was successful. Below you will see what we believe to be the framework that led to the successful launch of this project.

The FIVE Ways To Crush Your Project Goals:

Overall communication provided a clear pathway to the desired end result. Clarity is king. Donald Miller(CEO of Storybrand) says it this way,“When you confuse, you’ll lose.” Have you provided your team with a clear pathway? Do they know what’s at stake? When you do, make sure it’s quick and easy to understand.

Each team member clearly understood their specific role in the project. The only way to know where you are to go, is by first understanding where you are. When you completely understand and own the role you play in the project, then the project will move forward. Do you have the right people on the team and do they know exactly what part they play? Place team members in positions of strength.

Team members were willing to learn new skills— even those not directly related to their typical job function. Having a team member that is willing to learn a new skill or function will broaden your ability to efficiently accomplish your project. Is there someone on your team with an untapped skillset that can be used for this project? Most likely, you already spend time developing leaders, this is another opportunity to let them shine.
The team was focused and determined, going above and beyond their normal workload. Does your team practice flexibility on projects that require more time, talent, and resources?

The team celebrated every win and encouraged other team members when a job was done well. The best way to keep your team engaged is by reminding them how awesome they are. How often do you search for the successes of your team and make them known? Often times we think that leadership is always pointing out the areas that need improvement and overlook the areas that are succeeding. Call those successes out. Make sure the team knows that they’re awesome, because they are.
This framework can be applied to any project, any initiative, in any organization. Utilizing this framework will remove roadblocks, provide clear direction, and create a pathway to success. Our goal is to help you succeed. If there is anything we can do for you, let us know.