Resident Reviews Manager: the Power of Social Proof

A single business review can lift that business’s conversions by 10%. In fact, there’s evidence that once you break 100 reviews, you can boost your conversion rate by 30-40%.

Modern consumers are so inundated with advertising that they can smell self-serving marketing from a mile away. They don’t trust companies to be honest when talking about themselves. Reviews are becoming increasingly critical to consumer decision making processes. Consider these statistics:

of users don’t trust businesses without reviews.
of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.
of users need fewer than 10 reviews to form an opinion about a business.
Stop and Consider the Power of Reviews

How often do you look at products online and make a choice based on user reviews? How often do you choose a new restaurant based on what others have told you? Research shows that customers are 12x more likely to believe reviews over a company’s own description of itself. Not only that, but 73% of consumers say that they’re more likely to trust a local business if they have positive reviews. And that’s not even getting into the incredible SEO boost that reviews provide.

But those one-stars, right? Well, Jonah has a solution: the Resident Reviews Manager.

Curated, Beautiful, and Integrated (or Not)

Jonah’s Resident Reviews Manager is one of our most useful site add-ons. It allows you to leverage the power of reviews while still maintaining the ability to curate what shows on your website. 

Resident Reviews Manager allows you to pull in reviews from reputation managers like Modern Message,, and Kingsley and gives you the ability to moderate each review before showing it on your website. You can also manually add reviews directly through the manager if you get a great review via email, comment card, or even in person.

But it's not just about the ability to feature great reviews on your website. You can also edit reviews to fix typos and update user images so that your residents look awesome and, by extension, your community looks awesome. 

Don't take our word for it, though.

"The Resident Reviews Manager has been an invaluable tool for our website operations. It makes it simple to provide future residents with an honest view into life at Cortland. On top of this, like all Jonah products, the tool is intuitive and very easy to manage."

Brian Ericson | Cortland VP of Marketing Insights & Technology
Want to see it in action?

Check out these sites that are currently running Resident Reviews Manager to pull in beautiful, clean, compelling community reviews!

Let Your Residents Speak for You

Bottom line: you need to let your community speak for you. Reviews are powerful social proof of your excellence. With the Resident Reviews Manager add-on, you’re removing the risk, keeping the best of the best, and increasing your conversions.

Ready to let your residents tell the world how awesome you are?