New Feature Friday: Walkthrough Manager

There is a significant increase in the number potential prospects that are signing lease contracts before even visiting your property. Allowing them to tour your units from any location is very important -- something you should take advantage of! As you know, giving them the ability to just see your floor plans is not enough. Your goal is to make their experience interactive, easy to use (even on mobile), and super fun! 

We want to make this easy on you too!

We are so excited to introduce a brand new feature by Jonah ... the Walkthrough Manager! This feature allows you to take your 3D floor plan renderings and provide a place on your Jonah Website where users can take a virtual tour or "walkthrough" from any location! The Walkthrough Manager acts as a hub for all of the property’s virtual tours. The page will list all tours with a title, subtitle, and a thumbnail image. Clicking on a walkthrough will lightbox the tour embed or video. The Walkthrough Manager also has the ability to group tours in up to 4 categories so they can also be used for community tours (fitness areas, dog parks, etc.)

This feature is available now. We'd love to tell you more about it! Schedule your demo today!